Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Variant Class: The ______ Fighter + Billy Butcher for LightBox

 While posting Yoshimi, Robot Fighter (of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots fame) on Musical Monday, I was struck by how simple and flavorful a "Robot Fighter" class is.  Sure, you could make Yoshimi a Ranger with robots/constructs/machines as a favored enemy...but isn't it more fun to call her a Level 3 Robot Fighter?

Well...I think it is.  So here's a Fighter variant class for whatever systems you like tinkering with.  I'll probably use it for LightBox style games.

______ Fighter

Weapons/Armor/HD/Attack Bonus/Saves:  As a Fighter.  If using a single saving throw, go ahead and drop the Fighter's bonuses to specific saves and, if you feel like it, try to describe a bonus to saves related to the character's favored enemy.  I'm just coming up with awkward phrases when I try to do it.

I'm Your Worst Enemy:  The ______ Fighter gets +1 to attacks and damage vs. ______s at 1st level.  At each odd level, she gains an additional +1.

A Very Specific Cleaving Technique:  When a ______ Fighter drops a ______ with a melee attack, she may immediately make another melee attack this round.  (Replaces extra attacks vs. 1HD enemies, if applicable.)

Seems simple enough.

Here's Billy Butcher:

From Screen Rant

William Butcher

Level 5 Supe Fighter

AC 8[11]    HD 5d6 (19 HP)
Saving throw: 12
Move 12 ft.

STR 11    DEX 12    CON 13    INT 14    WIS 15(+1)    CHA 16(+1)

Attacks:  By weapon (+4 attack bonus); additional +3 to hit and damage on all attacks vs. Supes

When Butcher drops some ****ing super **** with a melee attack, he attacks again.


  1. I love the concept and you picked a great example.

  2. Thanks man! I know it's dead simple and probably been done before, but I like the idea of running with it.

  3. I feel like Billy Butcher should have some sort of bonus if the player utters an expletive as they roll the dice.

    1. That's a storygame waiting to be written! In fact, what are the odds that somewhere in the archives of The Forge forums, there's a mechanic just like that...?

    2. When Games Workshop first rebooted its fantasy game into Age of Sigmar, some of the early army lists had things like this. Knights got bonuses if the player had a big moustache, orcs got bonuses if the player shouted "Waaaagh!" when they rolled the dice, that sort of thing.

      I've never had a good idea I haven't stolen off someone else. ;)

    3. Haha! I guess I understand why that reboot was a little divisive. (I mean, who am I kidding, all reboots are divisive, but I can understand more "serious" players being uninterested. It reminds me of the way Blizzard treats Warcraft lore in Hearthstone, or the way WotC approaches Un-sets in MTG.)

    4. Oh yeah, some of the old guard despised it for such silliness, and GW have taken that sort of thing out of the game now, but I always appreciated it.