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This is the page where I keep stuff that isn't fully mine (or at all mine) but that I'd like to keep accessible to the world at large.

War Games for Boy Scouts

So this first one, I guess I'm probably okay with sharing, copyright-wise.  This short book from Sgt. A.J. Holladay was published around 1910 and packaged with a set of toy soldiers.  It represents one of the earliest rulesets for miniatures gaming.

You can find the PDF HERE.

These rules are also available in the 2011 book The Wargaming Pioneers: Including Little Wars by H.G. Wells, The War Game for Boy Scouts and The War Game by Captain Sachs 1898-1940 Early Wargames, edited by John Curry, which can be found on Amazon (paperback or Kindle) HERE.

(Big thanks to the Georgia State University Library for helping me get my hands on this.)

Steel Monsters - The Secret Society

After realizing that the web appeared to be tragically lacking it, I uploaded a PDF of what I think is the second minicomic produced for Tonka's Steel Monsters line of toy vehicles and action figures.  It must have been produced in 1986 or '87.  

You can find the comic HERE.
Find out more about the Steel Monsters line HERE at Kevin Lentz's archives.
Read the first comic in the series HERE at the website neatoldtoys.com.


When David Black's RPG The Black Hack came out in 2016, old school gamers saw a flurry of products created to take this streamlined rule system into all sorts of genres.  My little contribution to the movement was Ghosthackers, a take on David Black's rules in which I try to capture a little bit of the spirit of what is probably my favorite RPG, Ghostbusters from West End Games.

You can get the illegal version HERE.

There's also a legal edition called Ghost Hackers (there's a space so it's different now), with art by my buddy Tim Paul, available at DriveThruRPG HERE.  Check out more of Tim's artwork HERE.

Also, you can find a lot of resources for the original Ghostbusters RPG over at the Nerdy Show's Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub HERE.

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