Monday, January 4, 2021

Happy New Year! + Joey Ramone for White Box

And now, I finally get around to wishing a happy and healthy new year to all of the good people who stop by this blog!  (I actually wish it for everyone else, too, but I'll need some help passing the message on to them.) 

To celebrate, here's something I never really get tired of...the Ramones' New Year's Eve 1977 show in London, which was later released as the live album It's Alive.

Johnny would later say:  “I think our peak, our greatest moment, is that New Year’s Eve show of 1977 into 1978. I think that’s our greatest moment as a band.”  Strong words!

And here's Joey for White Box/Light/Continual Light gaming.  Man, I really need to find a miniature of him.

This pic is actually released under a CC-BY-SA license...

Joey Ramone
Level 3 Bard

AC 8[11] (Leather Jacket)    HD 2d6+1 (8 HP)

STR 11    DEX 10    CON 14    INT 14    WIS 14    CHA 16

Attack bonus +1, damage by weapon
Charm Person 1x/day, Detect Magic 1x/day
Inspiring song:  Once per combat, may give all allies +1 to attack rolls for five rounds

(I went to Swords & Wizardry Continual Light for this one and basically just replaced the Thief's attributes with those of the Bard, rather than adding them on and extending advancement...)


  1. He could totally pop up in Light City with these stats.

    1. I think you're very right! I actually started looking for a suitable miniature as I was writing this one...and even got a little disappointed that Hero Forge doesn't quite have the perfect hairstyle to fit...! :)