Monday, January 25, 2021

Musical Monday: Superman's Best Songs (Part IV) + Yoshimi, Robot Fighter for LightBox gaming

 There are a lot of Superman songs out there.  Here's another one I like.

The Flaming Lips did some interesting shows in Oklahoma this weekend...keeping their audiences safe by installing everyone in giant plastic bubbles...

From the BBC

The Flaming Lips are no strangers to taking their own approach to things.

One thing they do have in common with a lot of other artists, though...and relevant to this post and a song about Superman.  A pretty darn good one.

Sometimes I think you have to listen to the Flaming Lips for a song or two in order to calibrate your brain to singer Wayne Coyne's sometimes takes a few listens to realize how epic, fragile, and beautiful some of their works are.

As far as RPGs go...and that's what I'm looking for excuses to talk about, after all...there's clearly one Flaming Lips song that lends itself to game material perhaps better than any other...

Just classic.  Here's the heroine herself...

Level 3 Robot Fighter

AC 8[11]    HD 3d6 (11 HP)
Saving throw: 14
Move 12 ft.

STR 17(+1, she's gotta be strong to fight them)    DEX 15(+1)    CON 12    INT 14    WIS 10    CHA 12

Attacks:  Melee - Unarmed attack +3 (1d3 damage; she's a black belt in karate) or by weapon, +3; Ranged - By weapon, +2; +2 to hit and damage on all attacks vs. robots

When Yoshimi knocks out a robot with a melee attack, she may immediately make another melee attack.

A Swords & Wizardry Light variant of the Fighter...

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