Friday, January 8, 2021

Because it just seems like a good week to think about Captain America

So much division.  At least we have this guy that I think most of us can get behind in one way or another.

Captain America
Real name:  Steve Rogers
Level 5 Supersoldier

AC 3[16] (light body armor, shield)    HD 5d6+10 (28 HP)
Saving throw: 11

STR 20(+2)    DEX 20(+2)    CON 20(+2)    INT 12    WIS 15(+1)    CHA 16(+1)

Attacks:  Melee - Shield +6 (1d6+2 damage); Ranged - Shield +6 (1d6+2 damage), medium range

(A few notes:  1. The Supersoldier class is found in The Assembly and expanded upon in L'Assemblee2. Justin previously posted Sam Wilson as Captain America for Light City over at the Halls of the Nephilim...I definitely used that to cheat and check my work over here. And, who doesn't love Falcon?  3. There's a big argument to be made that Steve Rogers should make it past level 5 pretty early in his avenging career, but I'm scaling back some of these Light/White Box characters in order to stat them out for a miniatures skirmish, where I want to keep their numbers a little more under control.  4. Be kind to each other out there, please.)