Monday, April 12, 2021

Glaciers & Glyptodons

 One of the very first things I blogged about (more than five years ago...geez...) finally got its shot on the videoconferenced tabletop last night.  The awesome online gaming group I've fallen in with took on the setting I've wanted to try for quite a while now...fantasy reskinned and shifted around a little to resemble our own prehistoric world...

I've had a blast putting this together and hope the crew are truly enjoying it, as well.  They SEEM to be, but they're all really kind people who would probably never let on if they hated it. ;)

At the very least, the group really seemed to embrace the mashup of classic fantasy tropes and prehistoric humanity.  When the Neanderthals in the party (called Sturdy Ones in the game) are named Smashpunch and Blork! (with exclamation point), I figure the Orc-ness is coming across decently.  (Of course, they really are just reskinned Orcs...)

If you think you'd enjoy seeing what I provided to the group for character creation and the tiniest core of the setting, you can check out the doc HERE.  It's pretty basic and could use a lot of editing, adding, and testing, but I'm glad to have something to work from.

It also makes use of the 5E race + Old School class approach that I mused about HERE...and it actually worked pretty well so far.  I'll have more on that at some point soon.  Well...hopefully...

Sunday, February 28, 2021

My favorite comic book scientists

 It's becoming clear to me that my posting here will slow a bit now that I've finally started a new job here in Jersey.  But first, to celebrate the fact that I'm back in a lab doing SCIENCE! again, I was thinking of statting out Reed Richards for Light City, to fill out the FF a little more and focus on a pillar of comic book scientific grandeur.

And that got me Mr. Fantastic actually my favorite comic book scientist?  Hmm...he actually might be...!  Obviously, comics are filled with folks who do literally fantastic things with their hypotheses and experiments.  I've almost always been more of a DC guy in general, but I realized that if I start to list out my favorite four color science nerds in my head, the DC reps, while probably outnumbering those from elsewhere, fit into some specific niches.  Reed, though...well, I'm not sure I can think of another character who has the ability to carry the weight of ridiculous comic book superscience quite like him.  I guess Ray Palmer would probably come the closest...

For the record...kind of off the top of my head and in no particular order...I'd list my top 10 comic book scientists something like...

1.  Reed Richards
2.  Ray Palmer
3.  Kirk Langstrom
4.  Bruce Banner
5.  Barry Allen
6.  Tina McGee
7.  Hank McCoy
8.  Leo Quintum
9.  Lex Luthor
10.  Jon Osterman

If TV universes held the most weight, I'd put Cisco Ramon in there somewhere.  I guess it's a decent list overall, although the publishers and I should both probably look into expanding representation in the character type a bit.  Lots of nerdy white guys there.  Of course, I'm a nerdy white guy myself, so that aspect of the character type's common form really hasn't been so obvious to me until right now.

Also...I know, I know...Bruce Wayne should probably be there.  He's just also too much of everything else to fit the bill for some reason...

Oh yeah!  And here's Reed for Light City:

Huh.  Okay, here's Reed for Light City using a class that hasn't been built yet, but which will maybe support a Mr. Fantastic that looks something like this...

Mr. Fantastic
Real name:  Reed Richards
Level 4 Rubber Band

AC 6[13]    HD 3d6 (10 HP)
Saving throw: 13, +2 to rolls to dodge objects
Move 12 ft.

STR 12    DEX 19(+1)   CON 12    INT 20(+2)    WIS 14    CHA 12

Attack:  Punch with a bigass fist (1d6 damage, reach 96 ft.)
Flexi-powers:  Gliding, Absorb Explosion (2d6 damage)

Thursday, February 11, 2021

"I'm here live...I'm not a cat." Okay, yeah, this is funny...

 If you've been on the internet in the past day, you probably haven't been able to avoid seeing this video.  But really...why would you want to avoid it?

It could be an innocent mistake from a Texas attorney.  Or it COULD be an early sign of the cats' upcoming cultural infiltration.  I'll see if my contacts know anything.

If it is a feline Secret Invasion, I'll bet this cat is something like this...

Whiskers, Attorney Undercover

Level 3 Super-Pet

STR 4     DEX 16 (+1)    CON 8     INT 12     WIS 10     CHA 15(+1)

2+1 HD (8 HP)     Saving Throw 12    Move 12 ft. (climb 12 ft.)

AC 8[11]

Attack:  Bite or Claws, +2 to hit, 1d6 damage

Super-Pet Tricks:
Speech (obv)
Too Cute (Charm 1x/day)
Tool Use (+2 to saving throws to use human technology)

(I used Justin Isaac's Super-Pet class once again for Whiskers...)

Friday, February 5, 2021

This is Tulip

Tulip came from a hoarding situation in which around 80 dogs were living together trapped in a barn.  Laura and I worked with a number of these kids in a program to rehabilitate highly fearful dogs, and they are some of the most amazing beings you could ever hope to meet.

We adopted Tulip in 2019.  For the last year and a half, she's been my unofficial emotional support animal.  She deserves everything good that comes to her in life.  She has unicorns on her collar and tag because she is our barnicorn.

Like her sister Celery, Tulip deserves to be made into an RPG character.  Here she is using Justin Isaac's awesome Super-Pet class for Light City.  (I'm not sure that I've noted it on the blog, but as I've looked back over this class, I've come to love it even more than when I first read it.  It's solid and modular, and the "Tricks" are such a nice approach!)

Level 5 Super-Pet
First appearance:  Tales From the Barn (limited series) #1
STR 8     DEX 11     CON 15(+1)     INT 8     WIS 6     CHA 14
4+4 HD (18 HP)     Saving Throw 10    Move 12 ft. (flight 24 ft.)
AC 9[10]

Attack:  Bite or Horn, +3 to hit, 1d6 damage

Super-Pet Tricks:
Speech (yeah, why not, we seem to assume that all of our pets have this...)
Those Eyes (Too Cute) (Charm 1x/day)
Hero Support x2 (Cure Wounds I 2x/day)
Flight (again...why not?  she's got the horn for it...)
Getting the Hang of This (Tool Use) (+2 to saving throws to use human technology)

With one magic canine word, Tulip is transformed into even more of a Wonder Dog.  She has a horn.

(A note:  I realize that playing up the "barn" thing with Tulip may seem like a weird celebration of something terrible in her past, but with all of the precious kids we worked with from her case, "barn dog" has practically become a synonym for an amazing dog for some of us.  It is almost a badge of perfection.)

So, why am I just rambling about Tulip?  Well, besides the fact that she absolutely deserves to be rambled about, she's especially on my mind these days because of this girl:

This is Helen.  Laura and I fostered her around the end of 2018.  She is from the same fearful dog program as Tulip, and is another survivor of a hoarding situation.

One thing that has become clear over our time connected to these exceptional pups is that when they are separated from their families, they often don't react like you might expect a typical "lost dog" to react.  The fear kicks into overdrive at times.  Heck, we saw it with Tulip during our move, when we walked her at a rest area.  The interstate traffic was in her head, and she tugged on her leash with a look in her eyes that made me worry that if she were to get free, she might run for a while before even taking stock of where her loved ones were.

We found out about two weeks ago that Helen went missing from her home due to an unfortunate but understandably human mistake on the part of her family.  After at least one initial sighting, things went quiet for over a week before she was finally spotted again, more than once, and hope picked up.  Then...right when a major breakthrough seemed almost inevitable...we got this insane winter storm, and the effort has become more difficult.

I'm not the sort that questions the seemingly absurd unfairness of reality, but for some reason, this just doesn't fit the way I need the world to work.

If you are the sort that goes in for any sort of thoughts, prayers, or positive vibes for others...or even if you're not, actually...I would ask that you keep Helen in mind.  I know that we live in a world that's filled with pain, cruelty, and injustice, and it might be offensive that I ignore so much of that but take the time to fret over a lost dog.  If you feel that's the case, I'm sorry.

I just think Helen deserves a happy ending to her story, and I wanted to share it.  Thank you for reading.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Geeky SKAturday: Poe Dameron's ska band

The Google news feed on my phone is largely crammed with inconsequential clickbait that the algorithm knows I'm just weak enough to fall for.  Sometimes, however, this clickbait is actually an intriguing convergence of my interests that - while still inconsequential - is cool enough that I'm glad I fell for it.

This was the case month or so ago when articles started to pop up about Star Wars' Oscar Isaac and his history in a ska band...


He's actually been in more than one, apparently, but the one that features most prominently in these stories is the Blinking Underdogs, shown here...

It's pretty catchy and fun stuff, and they seem like a talented crew, having shared stages with Green Day and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  It also isn't really surprising to see that Isaac is such a charismatic performer.  He seems like a bit of a ham.

I'm going to try giving a "proper" listen to whatever Blinking Underdogs stuff I can uncover now.

And of course...why not a character?

From Wookieepedia
Poe Dameron
Homeworld:  Yavin 4
Level 4 Pilot

AC 6[13]    HD 3d6+1 (12 HP)
Saving throw: 12
Move 12 ft.

STR 11    DEX 17(+1)    CON 13    INT 11    WIS 12    CHA 15(+1)

Attack:  Blaster +2 (1d6+2 damage)

+2 to Saving Throws vs. explosions and environmental hazards

Stick Jockey (+2 to initiative in starship combat); Space Ace (may add +1 to two of a starship's stats each round); Jury-Rig 1x/day, 4d6 temporary HP to a starship

(Used the Pilot class from White Star for this one.)

Friday, January 29, 2021

Stacking up Bricks: The Thing

Here's another straightforward Brick.  Really, he's just about the brickiest Brick of all, I guess...

The Thing
Real name:  Benjamin Grimm
Level 4 Brick

AC 6[13]    HD 5d6+10 (28 HP)
Saving throw: 13
Move 12 ft. (leap 12 ft.)

STR 30(+4)    DEX 12    CON 23(+2)    INT 10    WIS 8    CHA 11

Attacks:  Melee - Punch +2 (1d6+4 damage)

Brick bonus: Enhanced CON x1.


And while I'm at it, here's a slightly toned down build of his good buddy Johnny...

The Human Torch
Real name:  Jonathan Storm
Level 4 Elemental

AC 6[13]    HD 3d6 (10 HP)
Saving throw: 12
Move 12 ft. (flight 24 ft.)

STR 14    DEX 15(+1)    CON 13    INT 11    WIS 8    CHA 16(+1)

Attack:  Fire Blast, +3 to hit, 1d6 fire damage, range 60 ft.
Elemental Powers (4x/day):  Flame Missile, Radial Blast (all medium-sized creatures and unattached objects within 30 feet are moved 1d6 feet away from Johnny)

A note:  For my table, I'm making the "Learning to fly" ability of The Elemental a little easier to satisfy going forward...probably a d6 roll under [level + DEX mod + 2] to successfully fly, so that it becomes second nature a bit sooner in the advancement of a character...

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Variant Class: The ______ Fighter + Billy Butcher for LightBox

 While posting Yoshimi, Robot Fighter (of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots fame) on Musical Monday, I was struck by how simple and flavorful a "Robot Fighter" class is.  Sure, you could make Yoshimi a Ranger with robots/constructs/machines as a favored enemy...but isn't it more fun to call her a Level 3 Robot Fighter?

Well...I think it is.  So here's a Fighter variant class for whatever systems you like tinkering with.  I'll probably use it for LightBox style games.

______ Fighter

Weapons/Armor/HD/Attack Bonus/Saves:  As a Fighter.  If using a single saving throw, go ahead and drop the Fighter's bonuses to specific saves and, if you feel like it, try to describe a bonus to saves related to the character's favored enemy.  I'm just coming up with awkward phrases when I try to do it.

I'm Your Worst Enemy:  The ______ Fighter gets +1 to attacks and damage vs. ______s at 1st level.  At each odd level, she gains an additional +1.

A Very Specific Cleaving Technique:  When a ______ Fighter drops a ______ with a melee attack, she may immediately make another melee attack this round.  (Replaces extra attacks vs. 1HD enemies, if applicable.)

Seems simple enough.

Here's Billy Butcher:

From Screen Rant

William Butcher

Level 5 Supe Fighter

AC 8[11]    HD 5d6 (19 HP)
Saving throw: 12
Move 12 ft.

STR 11    DEX 12    CON 13    INT 14    WIS 15(+1)    CHA 16(+1)

Attacks:  By weapon (+4 attack bonus); additional +3 to hit and damage on all attacks vs. Supes

When Butcher drops some ****ing super **** with a melee attack, he attacks again.