Thursday, January 21, 2021

Stacking up Bricks: Bane

Taking another tiny step in examining builds that I'd like to see possible with the Brick class for Light's Bane...

My expertly rebased Bane mini in that classic supervillain pose, standing in a puddle of gray marshmallow goo.

Real name:  Unknown
Level 4 Brick

AC 4[15]    HD 5d6+10 (27 HP)
Saving throw: 13
Move 12 ft. (leap 12 ft.)

STR 26(+3)    DEX 21(+2)    CON 22(+2)    INT 18    WIS 12    CHA 8
(All stats under the influence of Venom.)

Attacks:  Melee - Punch +2 (1d6+3 damage)

Hindrance:  Addiction (Venom)

Brick bonuses: Enhanced DEX x1, Enhanced CON x1.


  1. I like your recent sample Bricks !

    Hindrances are use to buy "Brick Bonuses" in advance, right ?
    For example here, Bane is getting Enhanced CON thanks to his 4th level, and getting Enhanced DEX thanks to his hindrance, that's it ?

    1. Thank you(!), and yes, you're nailing it. It's actually 3rd level that I applied the first bonus...following your thought that the slow BHB progression could be juiced up with some abilities, by adding them on the levels that attack bonus doesn't increase.

      And yes, a hindrance for a bonus! I have a guide in my head that I think I've followed for these "altered" bricks so far...I'll write it down at some point and see how overpowered I've made it...! ;)