Saturday, January 30, 2021

Geeky SKAturday: Poe Dameron's ska band

The Google news feed on my phone is largely crammed with inconsequential clickbait that the algorithm knows I'm just weak enough to fall for.  Sometimes, however, this clickbait is actually an intriguing convergence of my interests that - while still inconsequential - is cool enough that I'm glad I fell for it.

This was the case month or so ago when articles started to pop up about Star Wars' Oscar Isaac and his history in a ska band...


He's actually been in more than one, apparently, but the one that features most prominently in these stories is the Blinking Underdogs, shown here...

It's pretty catchy and fun stuff, and they seem like a talented crew, having shared stages with Green Day and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  It also isn't really surprising to see that Isaac is such a charismatic performer.  He seems like a bit of a ham.

I'm going to try giving a "proper" listen to whatever Blinking Underdogs stuff I can uncover now.

And of course...why not a character?

From Wookieepedia
Poe Dameron
Homeworld:  Yavin 4
Level 4 Pilot

AC 6[13]    HD 3d6+1 (12 HP)
Saving throw: 12
Move 12 ft.

STR 11    DEX 17(+1)    CON 13    INT 11    WIS 12    CHA 15(+1)

Attack:  Blaster +2 (1d6+2 damage)

+2 to Saving Throws vs. explosions and environmental hazards

Stick Jockey (+2 to initiative in starship combat); Space Ace (may add +1 to two of a starship's stats each round); Jury-Rig 1x/day, 4d6 temporary HP to a starship

(Used the Pilot class from White Star for this one.)


  1. I learn something new everyday and because of you occasionally that something new is ska related.

    1. I think that means I'm succeeding at something!