Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Witch of the Otherside

With hardly any time to spare...I am momentarily caught up once again in the A to Z challenge with this entry for "W"...

On this one:

That name...I'm thinking of the Otherside as some version of the Celtic Otherworld...which, of course, has some analogues in other belief systems...

Although just about anyone who spends enough time online to come across my little blog will probably recognize that this card is a nod to the RPG blogosphere stalwart that is The Other Side.  +Timothy Brannan does some awesome work over there, giving great snippets of D&D history while consistently bringing something new to the game (one of his favorite muses: witches!).  Oh, and he seems like a nice guy to boot.  Tim isn't doing the A to Z this year, but he's tackled it multiple times in the past (along with being part of the crew that keeps the challenge rolling).  So, overall, a tip of the hat from this blogger...and you should check him out sometime...!

Oh!  And I very rudely left this out in the tired state I posted in last night...big thanks to Justin of Halls of the Nephilim for his advice on a "witchy" ability that would be simple enough to fit onto a card.  It's awesome having this online community as a think tank!


  1. It wasn't rude sir, but thanks for the shout out. This is one of my favourite "monster" cards of the challenge.

    1. I can accept "careless." And thanks again for the help!