Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Interior Walkway(s)

For Dungeonstack's representative of the letter "I," I present what will be one of the most straightforward cards of the month, the Interior Walkway:

It is...a room.  Where stuff is found.  There are a few things I can note about it, though.

On that artwork...not very fantasy, eh?  Well, I like the generic name of this card, as it could fit artwork and settings of all types...in this case, fairly modern, or even a bit SF.  Also, I've been thinking lately about how He-Man is probably one of the strongest fantasy influences I have floating around in my brain, so I'm happy to include a picture like this alongside the more fantasy-oriented stuff, to maybe give an overall Science Fantasy feel.

I also like this artwork because it nicely translates into the directions that a Hero can exit the room, since it shows a doorway on one side and ends in what could very easily be another doorway.  It was also really easy to flip it around and have a new card:

I think that 2 or 3 of both of these in the initial Dungeonstack will be a good direction to go.

Oh!  One final note...because this card is so basic, and doesn't really have any rules text, I wanted to throw some flavor text on there to give it a little extra...um, flavor.  Hopefully this won't end up complicating things.

Thanks for stopping by!  Tomorrow, I'll have my most experimental card yet...although they're all pretty darn experimental at this point...

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