Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Locked!

Darn it, real life!  Why must you intrude on my nerdblogfuntime??

Ah, well.  I've fallen behind on my A-Z goals due to the tasks of a work trip, but I hope to catch up today!  First up: an Event card for the letter L...that little dungeon annoyance, the locked door...

First of all...about that "test" on the card...

I've determined that my preferred way of handling skill/attribute checks in this game...and potentially any OSR gaming I manage to run anytime the good old Xd6 roll-under-ability-score.  So anyone will have a chance to overcome this...but Mages with a Knock spell, and hopefully Rogues/Thieves with lockpicking skill will have a better shot at it.  At any rate, 5d6 might be too onerous a task to be any fun, but I hope to see that as I test it out.

As far as nitpicky stuff goes, I realized with this card that I'm not necessarily doing all that great with consistent templating of rules text.  The Hero/character is referred to as "you" on here, while other cards take a wholly third-person approach.  Something else I'll need to think about...

As always, thanks for checking this stuff out, and hopefully I'll be back later today to get fully caught up to the halfway point of the A to Z Challenge...!

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