Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z (extra): 2 Platinum Pieces

Well, like I've been saying, I'm really excited about April this year, and that means I don't feel like letting this Sunday slip by without getting an extra card in for Dungeonstack!  So, after hitting on hero cards yesterday, today I'll introduce something much much simpler: item cards.  Sometimes, this will be stuff that can be used on the adventure.  Sometimes, it'll just be plain old treasure.  Like this:

Just print at 2.75x3.75" and cut on dotted lines.
Collect them all!

Yep.  Simple.

While I'm posting, I may as well also give a bit more detail on the form in which I'm presenting these cards.  They really are set up to be printed out at 2.75"x 3.75" and trimmed along the dotted lines (rounding the corners if you like) to come out to poker size.  They can then be slipped into card sleeves (or not, if they're printed on a thicker stock) for play.  I do plan on putting up PDFs that make printing at the proper size much easier.  Eventually, I'll be able to take this...

...and make this easily enough...

So yeah...that's the plan!


  1. I dunno - printing your own money? Sounds shady to me. *wink* If only it were really that easy! The cards look great, really.

    1. It's ALCHEMY, I tell you!

      Ahem. Thank you! I think/hope the cards will get a bit better as I go...that's what this month is for, eh?