Friday, April 7, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Fiery Updraft

And now, to round out the card types I definitely plan on including in this first go-round of Dungeonstack, here is an event card...

Some thoughts that might be of note:

First, on the rules...pulling from my post a couple of days ago:

When a hero moves into a new room (with possible directions indicated by the arrows on the cards), cards are turned over from the top of the Dungeonstack (deck) until a room card is revealed.  Any items turned over can be found in the room...any monsters are there for an encounter...and any events take place immediately.

Easy enough, I hope...these are the little twists of fate that occur while the dungeon is delved.  It happens before the room can be dealt with.

Second, on saves:

I left off any reference to saves on the hero cards...seems like an easy sacrifice to simplify things.  I do like the way Swords & Wizardry keeps things easy with the unified saving throw, and I don't mind taking things a step further:  All classes save the same in this game.  If there needs to be a class that's especially good at saves - or specific saves - well, fine, that can be part of their rules text.  The basic rule for saving throws will be to roll and add level (or hit dice for monsters), aiming for a target number, with the default being the round-ish target of 15.  (If I recall correctly, the D&D minis game used level for all saves...I think it's a nice simplification, but I guess I'll see if it's too simplified...)

And finally, I just want to use the event cards to highlight another reason I settled on Dungeonstack: April's Quest rather than Henchmen & Hirelings: The Quest of Atoz for my theme this month.  H&H, as the card game I envision it to be, includes cards like this one:

Now, all of that gibberish has meaning in my mind and in the game that might eventually materialize...but I wanted my efforts this month to produce something that might be generally useful to OSR gamers that have no interest in playing my little card game.  I don't think things like the Quest of Atoz up there hit that mark very well.

For Dungeonstack, I think the event cards probably stretch universal useability the thinnest, but even they might have some use in general RPG play.  I'll be pondering this more as the month continues and more cards are added...

Thanks for reading!  Tomorrow, I give another nod to an internet bud...!


  1. I can see events like the first being useful in a general game. It's a neat idea.

    1. Thanks! My biggest problem is that I'm afraid I lack the imagination to come up with enough variety beyond damage by fire, damage by rocks, damage by blades, etc. I guess identifying the need is the first step to getting there...!