Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: The Venerable August MacMulligan

Trying to quickly play catch-up in the A to Z challenge once again.  (This year's definitely had some timing snags!)

Here's another Hero card.  He represents the 4th class in the game, and yes, he's definitely a relative of April (just have to figure out how sometime)...

And like the 9 Realms' Guardian, he has a "cheat card" for the magic he wields...

Please join me tomorrow...or maybe today, let's things get a little witchy around here...!


  1. I love his name. I'm a sucker for titles.

    1. Thanks! I learned with this entry that "The Venerable" is actually used as an official title in a number of churches. I kinda thought it was just Bede who got that designation all the time...