Monday, April 17, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z (extra): The 16th Pawn

Well, this card was made in the hope that I'll have an entry for every day in April (not just the A-Z days), but with the way I'm falling behind, perhaps the time would have been better spent on an "N" post...?

Anyway, here we go...!

Again...something pretty basic.  It's kind of a random cryptic treasure to find (which, who knows, could maybe inspire some brainstorming in a DM's head), but I do see a purpose for it in the game as I'm building it.  With my earlier experiments in card-based dungeons, I had a card in the deck that served as the "target treasure," the item that must be retrieved to treat the delve as a success.  The 16th Pawn is what I see as the focus of April's Quest...

I'm shaking my Magic 8-Ball now to see how likely I am to get an "N" post up today...

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