Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: V-Man

First off, I would imagine that many people who happen upon this blog are well-acquainted with Tenkar's Tavern, but just in case you're not, I wanted to point out something really cool that's going on over there.  Chuck Wright of Frog God Games is facing some hefty medical expenses and a tough road ahead, and his friends in the RPG community are at his side with a GoFundMe campaign in his support.  Many folks have also donated some great RPG products that will be given out to random donors through a setup at the Tavern.  Head over to Tenkar's Tavern to get more details, and if you feel like you can help Chuck out, it would be very much appreciated!


Now...on to today's regularly scheduled A to Z post.  Somehow I've so far avoided including a patriotic Golden Age hero in the Dogwood City archives.  Today, that gets corrected, with V-Man!

V-Man was American pilot Jerry Steele, who was captured, tortured, and later killed by Nazis for assisting in an escape from a concentration camp.  His lifeless body was stolen and restored by the mysterious "Father Duroc" using an amazing chemical treatment.  After being given a magical costume, Steele became V-Man, defender of his homeland against the Nazi threat.

V-Man was assisted in his adventures by the V-Boys.  Which, by the way, you're welcome to join...

One thing I find really interesting about V-Man is the "dot-dot-dot-dash" that often accompanies him, including on the cover of his short-lived series V Comics.  It's Morse code for "V"...and is slyly used later on for a similar character, the Puppeteer, who is transformed into his superhero mode whenever his talking bald eagle Raven plays Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on a magic pipe organ.  Not only is the whole eagle-playing-Beethoven thing an amazing high concept, the "dot-dot-dot-dash" is a nice representation of the symphony's well known opening...

Maybe some of you reading this are already familiar with V-Man.  He's significant enough to be among the select comic book heroes over at the PDSH site to actually have a Wikipedia page.  While Dogwood City's heroes know of his apparent death in the 1940s, there have recently been some rumors swirling that his body has been found, and that efforts have begun to revive him once more...

Real name:  Jerry Steele
Level 6
5 Hero Dice
Defense 13

2 fists (melee) +5 (1D damage)

V-Man inspires those who fight with him; his allies gain +2 to all attack and saving throws while they are within 30 feet of him.

V-Boy (typical)
Level 1
1 Hero Die
Defense 11

Fist (melee) +1 (1D damage)


  1. I was wondering if Dogwood would have a star spangled champion. I've never heard of V-Man, but I like him.

    1. I'll be honest, I'm not necessarily sold on him as the best choice for the archetype. At some point, they all start to look pretty similar, though.

    2. I like the fact that he was killed and brought back.