Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: Typhon

We first met Typhon a few days ago, when he encountered Queen Mea of the Sea Amazons.  He's another science-adventurer type, focusing on underwater missions and just generally being a badass.

Typhon commands a fleet of submarines.  The writers of his stories really like to note how advanced his subs are.  And...they really are pretty cool looking...

Most importantly, though, Typhon gets to fight weird sea creatures.  Like the kraken...

...and this electric sea monster thing...

...and of course, let's not forget the sea demons...

Overall, Typhon's adventures are pretty exquisitely batshit crazy.  I'm starting to think that the title he appeared in, Weird Comics, should be required reading for aficionados of Golden Age strangeness.  Here he is at the PDSH wiki, and here he is as he visits Dogwood City for scientific collaboration and informal meetings on saving the world:

Full name:  Alexander Typhon
Level 5
4 Hero Dice
Defense 13

Fist (melee) +4 (1D damage)
Ray gun (ranged) +4 (2D damage)

Mastery:  Navigation

Typhon wears a ring that grants him +4 to all saving throws vs. magic.


  1. Explorer types are always fun (as are aquatic themed heroes).

    1. Agreed, and this guy's stuff really is wild. Sometimes a good weird science fantasy story can remind me why comics are so great.

  2. Release the Kraken! (Is that the same kraken?) Probably not.

    1. It's definitely different from the Kraken I caught on my last voyage. So there appear to be multiple Krakens. I do like the idea of it being a giant millenium-old cuttlefish, though!