Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: The Cub

So, yesterday's A to Z entry gave the world of Dogwood City a pretty good dark knight, the Black Lion...

It'd be really cool if we could add in a boy wonder, wouldn't it?  Oh, wait a minute...back up just a bit...and...

That's right!  There's not just an ersatz Caped Crusader!  They're a Dynamic Ersatz Duo!  This is the Cub...

The Cub is actually Larry Davis, whose father Jon is the brother whose death inspired George Davis to take up the mantle of the Black Lion.  Larry tags along because why not?  I'd like to imagine that as he nears adulthood, Larry will choose a new heroic persona and leave the Cub costume to a new recruit.  Who then may or may not be murdered by a sociopathic clown.  But that's getting ahead of ourselves.  (You can check out the Cub at Public Domain Super Heroes and in several issues of Wonderworld Comics.  His stats are below.  Please see the GRIND if the rules don't make any sense...!)

The Cub
Real name:  Larry Davis
Level 2
2 Hero Dice
Defense 14

Lion-arang (ranged) +2 (1D damage)
Fist (melee) +2 (1D damage)


  1. I'm always a fan of sidekicks. Robin/Nightwing is my favorite (even named my son, Grayson).

    1. The idea of Robins moving on to new roles in the DCU has always been especially intriguing to me. That's awesome about your son's name!

    2. Dick Grayson is one of the few comic book characters that actually been allowed to grow up.