Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: The Black Lion

After yesterday's character, I should probably move on from ersatz versions of well-known heroes.  Today's is a little too good...and close to the pass up, though.

Ten years ago, George Davis's brother was stabbed to death for a diamond he possessed.  This senseless act of violence motivated George to take on a persona that would be the bane of criminals everywhere...

And so, we have a dark-clad hero, driven by revenge and operating at the peak of human physical condition...the Black Lion!

Like the Arrow, I don't imagine the Black Lion hails from Dogwood City.  He's from a bigger town, probably in the northeast, that's riddled with crime and corruption.  How about...Empire City.  You can find out more about him in his Public Domain Super Heroes wiki entry and his first appearance in Wonderworld Comics #21.  (Please see the GRIND if my rules notations need better explanation.)

The Black Lion
Real name:  George Davis
Level 10
9 Hero Dice
Defense 15

Lion-arang (ranged) +9 (1D damage)
2 fists (melee) +9 (1D damage)

Whenever the Black Lion hits with either his fist or a lion-arang, the defending character must make a successful saving throw or drop his or her weapon.

The Black Lion is always prepared.  A player may propose a reasonable (at the referee's discretion) tool that the Black Lion might use to deal with a specific situation encountered.  With a successful saving throw, the Black Lion has that tool with him.  It probably has "lion" somewhere in its name.


  1. Nice post! I enjoyed finding your blog through the A to Z Blog Challenge. Good luck with A to Z!
    Trisha Faye (
    Vintage Daze (

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck to you as well...I'll keep checking in on your retail survival advice...although I've been lucky enough to avoid the need for it most of my life...!

  2. I'm enjoying these posts. Public domain heroes are lots of fun.

    1. Thanks man. The A-Z Challenge seemed like a great reason to put together a mini-setting using some. (I took your question on system to heart, by the way...thanks for helping me focus my work a bit!)

    2. Cool. I feel inspired to give these supers and your system a shot next time I get the chance to run something other than D&D.

    3. If you ever happen to give some thought to the system or characters, I'd love to get your feedback!

  3. Hehehe this hero does seem rather... cliche.(And I do not use this term lightly.)

    Cool idea for a theme.

    1. Of course, it's a pretty awesome world we live in where Batman can be considered a cliche! (Thanks for the note! You should take a crack at supers sometime...!)