Monday, April 4, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: Daredevil

No, this isn't that Daredevil.

This is this Daredevil:

While he may not be the one kicking butts, taking names, and winning fans on Netflix, this Daredevil is pretty well known.  He's probably one of the most-used public domain supers in various projects that make use of the resource, even working with Savage Dragon.  He can be found in the Next Issue Project, Project Superpowers, and the movie Avenging Force: The Scarab, among other media.  Here's his PDSH wiki entry with more details.

As for the character, Bart Hill was raised by aboriginal Australians after his parents were killed during a business trip Down Under.  Bart grew up to become Daredevil, returning to the United States with great skill guessed it...using a boomerang.  And yes, he is the first of the characters we're looking at this month who I'll imagine does most of his noble work in Dogwood City!  You can check out his origin story here.  (Please feel free to cringe at the Golden Age portrayal of aboriginal Australians!)

The GRIND has an explanation of the rules system used here.  Also...I promise, this'll be the last hero with a boomerang for a while...!

Real name:  Bart Hill
Level 5
5 Hero Dice
Defense 14

Boomerang (ranged) +5 (1D damage)
2 fists (melee) +5 (1D damage)


  1. Very cool. I remember discovering him in Project Superpowers (which was a fantastic series).

  2. Also, wow the aboriginal Australians is especially cringe worthy.

    1. I actually debated whether or not to even post that link, since it's not like I'm linking to origins for all of these characters. Something about Daredevil's general fame made me want to show his "official" origin, though...and I'll just count on the thought that most readers who care enough to make their way through a ridiculous Golden Age origin story have probably encountered, unfortunate...portrayals before.

    2. I see nothing wrong with posting it. Yes it's bad, but it does give an interesting context to the original, plus not sharing kind of feels like glossing over things and I'm not a fan of that.

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