Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: Queen Mea

In another step toward adding the mystical, the magical...the freakish and the Dogwood City universe, today I present Queen Mea.

Mea is the ruler of the undersea realm of Mermea, inhabited by a people known as the Sea Amazons.  That's sort of a double whammy as far as comic book races go!

In one of the adventures of the underwater adventurer Typhon, the hero notices a pack of raiders known as sea demons...

Their target:  Mermea!  Queen Mea leads her kingdom against the foes, commanding both her troops and the fantastic Guardian of Mermea, which is a pretty awesome monster.

While Queen Mea clearly resides beneath the sea for the most part, she is often found in Dogwood City, being a founding member of the iconic hero team known as the Association with colleagues such as Nature Man, the Black Lion, the Arrow, the Owl, and Margo the Magician.  Like the heroes we know as Diana and Orin, most people in the world of Dogwood City probably call her a different name.  I don't know that Wonderaquawoman is a good maybe something like the Queen of Tides.  Here she is at the PDSH wiki.

Queen Mea
aka Mea of Mermea, the Queen of Tides
Level 10
8 Hero Dice
Defense 15

Fist (melee) +8 (1D damage)
Blast gun (ranged) +8 (2D damage)

Queen Mea fights equally well on land and underwater.  When fighting in water against those who are not used to it, she will typically gain an advantage of +4 to Defense and all attack rolls.

With a successful saving throw, Queen Mea is able to command sea creatures.

Queen Mea can use magic as a 1st-level Magic-user and gains +4 to rolls related to magic involving the element of water.


  1. I love Aquaman and I love Wonder Woman. This is a double whammy of awesome!

    1. I know, right? She was exactly what I needed to fill a little gap in the setting. It's also cool that Mea seems to predate both of them!

  2. They do! I find a lot of this Golden Age comic art to be just the right kind of crazy.