Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dogwood City A to Z: Rhoa

On Tuesday, I alluded to further time travelers in the Dogwood City universe.  Rhoa is the daughter of two of these characters, Dr. Gregg and his wife, who took on the somewhat strange opinion that the modern world is too they'd rather live in the Stone Age.  Rhoa, then, was the princess of the lost kingdom of Athala.

She's initially presented as a pretty strong character:

As often seems to be the case with women in old comics, however, her love for a boy eventually turned her into a sappy pile of time-traveling mush:

Dogwood City is a great place for Rhoa and her beau, Jack, to settle upon returning to the modern day.  Her father, Dr. Gregg, was a professor at Dogwood City University before his move through the timestream and was a close colleague of Professor Fenton.  I really like the idea of giving Dogwood City's time travel stories a new angle, and adventuring in the Paleolithic Era has interested me for a while now.

Rhoa seems to have just one story in the public domain archives, as her second appearance is just a reprint.  Here she is at the Public Domain Super Heroes site.

aka Princess Rhoa of Athala, Rhoa Gregg
Level 3
3 Hero Dice
Defense 12

Fist (melee) +3 (1D damage)
Bow (ranged) +3 (1D damage)

Mastery:  Wilderness survival


  1. "and just be a girl and carry books under my arm" What the? At least she didn't say "have my beau carry my books under his arm". That is cringe-worthy.

    1. Sadly, they probably thought it was quite modern to give her an interest in reading rather than ironing...

  2. That's character development, just not in the right direction...

    1. Well, being a savage princess is cool and all, but c'mon...boys...