Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Evening Cartoon: Unaired Real Ghostbusters Pilot

Ghostbusters have certainly been a hot topic this week!  Here's something I hadn't seen until recently...the unaired "pilot" (really more of a promotional music video) for the animated series The Real Ghostbusters.

It's also only recently that I realized that how much the Ghostbusters are viewed as a cultural icon may be partially dependent upon how old you were when this series first aired.  (Also, sorry about that sentence...)

Here's a link to the Ghostbusters Wiki's page on the pilot, which highlights some of the differences between the promo and the eventual series.


  1. Another enjoyable clip...
    We often forget the many blogs that we enjoy... too many things on our mind... and unless we are a Follower of that blog... we have to find another Link to access that site... So, sorry for not keeping "up to date" on your wonderful posts...
    We will read a bit more and will have to return to read more.

    1. Hey, I appreciate your stopping by; I'm enjoying a morning of replying to your comments!