Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Evening Cartoon: The Killing Joke trailer

While I'll admit that my enthusiasm has been tempered a bit by the recent revelation of some tinkering with the Batman/Batgirl relationship (SPOILER at that link!), I don't plan to miss my brief chance this week to see Batman: The Killing Joke on the big screen.  It's a classic story and a Brian Azzarello take on the Alan Moore/Brian Bolland original.  Add in that DC has a pretty good track record with their animated features (and apparently isn't holding back at all with this one, as it seems to have earned an R rating), and that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are portraying the leads, and it's still something I don't want to miss in theaters.

USA screening information can be found here, UK here.  (May be showing elsewhere, too...not sure about that!)  It's a two-night event now, so I hope everyone gets a chance to see it if you want to.  Thanks to Tim over at HeroPress for initially giving me the heads-up on this!


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    1. And the film itself is quite good! (As long as you're okay with the adjustment to the Batman/Batgirl dynamic...I think it works because it sets us up to really care about Barbara.)