Monday, January 1, 2024

This Day in Anthro History: Happy New Year from Steamboat Willie!

Happy New Year everyone!  Welcome to 2024!!

On this date, in this year - once again, that would be 2024 - what once seemed impossible has come to pass: Mickey Mouse enters the public domain in the United States in the form of his earliest appearances, most notably the short film "Steamboat Willie."

(Something tells me you've probably seen this news...)

I'm looking forward to seeing where this American icon ends up now that we all have access...and how far folks push the envelope before getting Disney on their backs.

Do you have any plans for Steamboat Willie?  (And actually...who is Steamboat Willie?  Is he Mickey in this film, or is that just sort of a generic title for the short?)

As with so many things...I have my ideas but don't know if I'll follow through.  I like the idea of "Steamboat Willie" as a story of anthropomorphic animals on a postapocalyptic Earth...and the Gaming Like It's 1928 game jam would be a perfect opportunity to finally get Battleyacht off the ground...but y'know, my attention span and all...

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