Monday, January 22, 2024

(Pocket) Monstrous Monday: Scyther

I've had a soft spot for Scyther since pretty early in my journey with Pokémon.  I'm sure this was partly influenced by how universally valuable its card from the Jungle expansion used to be (seriously, it could go in every deck)...but I also like mantises...and Scyther are just cool looking.  And they're like ninjas!  What's not to like?

I also recently had a Scyther buddy named Slash in Pokémon GO.  He's a Scizor now, but we had some good times while he was growing up.

I hope he avoids the beastfighting pits, but if he ends up there, his fighting will probably play out something like this...

Slash at work with me

(4'11, 123 lbs., DEX +2)

HD 2d8, AC 14
Actions:  Swords Dance (Slash attack deals double damage next round); Slash +2 (1d6 slashing damage)

Weakness: Fire
Resistance: Fighting

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