Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Man with a Movie Camera (1929) - decopunkrock experiment #1

(I guess I can turn anything nerdy.)

I have a few friends that I get together with as often as possible to play some music.  I play drums.  We've put some work into getting songs together, but our "natural state" as a band seems to be just jamming through blues/psychedelic/punk rock progressions until one of us feels like stopping.  It is great fun, and as the drummer, it's admittedly easy because I don't have to worry about what key we're in, and everyone pretty much has to follow my rhythm or they're the ones who sound wrong.  I just get to play.

(I don't really have what are referred to as "chops," and while I wish I could say I make up for that with rock-solid timing...well, I don't.  But man, do I enjoy it.)

Our latest "project" is to attempt improvised scores to silent movies.  We had our first go of it last Thursday...just my buddy Tom on guitar and me...playing along to the avant-garde Soviet documentary film Man with a Movie Camera.  This was probably a good one to start with, as there's really no wrong way to score this movie.

If that sounds like it interests you, maybe you'll want to give this a watch and listen.  I certainly don't post this to impress, but in the hope that others might enjoy the journey with us!  (Editing to add: Tom's guitar work is, however, impressive by my calculations.  Very atmospheric and melodic.)  We only got through about 38.5 minutes of it before stopping for the evening.  Maybe we'll finish it at some point.  Or just move on.  I'm looking forward to getting our bass player Joel back in the mix.

(Man with a Movie Camera, by the way, seems to be pretty popular for adding original scores...you can check out its YouTube search results HERE to see some of the options out there...!)

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