Saturday, January 6, 2024

Geeky SKAturday: Pick Yourself Up (Stubborn All-Stars)

Stubborn All-Stars (who I've always called The Stubborn All-Stars, and only realized in looking at their Wikipedia page now that maybe that "The" isn't supposed to be there) were (are?) a trad ska supergroup assembled in '90s NYC by King Django of Stubborn Records.

They are one of the greats of the era, IMO.  "Pick Yourself Up" apparently got some airplay on MTV back in the day (again, I am informed by Wikipedia about this).  It comes from their album Back With a New Batch and serves as a rejuvenating sound for Rudies...

Image from HERE
Pick Yourself Up
1st-level Sound

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Instantaneous

You remove all levels of exhaustion from a character within range.

And what the's another performance by the Stubborn crew...this one from the fairly short-lived program Oddville, MTV, back in around 1997...the really fun tune "Tin Spam" (dig that Victor Rice bass groove!)...

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