Monday, January 8, 2024

(Pocket) Monstrous Monday: Psyduck (and Pokémon Concierge)

As 2024 rolls on...another element of Monstrous Matters that I'd love to revisit (maybe pretty often) is Underground Elemental Beastfighting - a sort of grim/gritty take on Pokémon rooted in the facts that (1) I love the franchise, and (2) there are some genuinely questionable ethical standards at the heart of it.  (Y'know, the forced combat and all.  Although please feel free to let me know if you're of the belief that Pokémon always love to is certainly a point of great philosophical debate...)

As luck and fate would have it, I also want to spread the word about the newest Pokémon show, Netflix's Pokémon Concierge.  I love this show.  The stop-motion animation is beautiful.  The story is touching and non-combat-related.  It is just a delightful experience.  Laura and I have already watched it more than once, and she's not really even a Pokémon fan.

Now, however, she is definitely a Psyduck fan.  While a number of monsters get screentime in Pokémon Concierge, there's a certain worried duck Pokémon that is undoubtedly the monstrous star of the show.

Image from HERE he is for the beastfighting pits..."converted," with a method similar to the one(s) I've used before, from an old TCG card (but with a fair amount of winging it - no pun intended - thrown in)...

(2'7", 43 lbs., CON +2)
HD 1d6+2 (5 HP), AC 13
Actions:  Headache +3 (Psychic attack; if hit, an Elemental Beast-trainer can't act for 1 round); Fury Swipes +3 (1d3 slashing damage)
Weakness:  Electric

(And seriously, you should watch Pokémon Concierge.  I think the whole season is less than an hour and a half.  I definitely wish there was more of it...)

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