Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In Bleakest Midwinter (a holiday adventure)

All right, I think I've got this to a point where it can be viewed by others!  Here's my meager gift to the OSR community this holiday season...a little adventure called In Bleakest Midwinter.

This is a venture into funnel-type adventuring, inspired by David over at The OSR Library.  It features artwork by my talented buddy (and the nicest guy you'll ever meet) J.R. Mounts (and you should check out his newest project, Stuck In My Head!) and a map taken from the freely usable stock of the incomparable Dyson Logos (probably also a really nice guy).

The PDF is A5-sized and will probably print decently doubled up on standard paper.  There are even front and back "covers" if you choose to go about it that way.

Any and all fixes and feedback are welcome.  Happy Holidays, all!

In Bleakest Midwinter from Google Drive (newest version)