Friday, November 18, 2016

The soldiers of S.L.O.P., part 2

I had a lot of time today to sit around anxiously waiting for word on how close I am to moving on from this portion of my academic career, so naturally, I tried to make myself feel better by thinking about the Swine Legion Opposing Persecution.  (Yeah, I think I've decided I like "Legion" better than "League.")

I figured S.L.O.P. needs some sort of logo patch, so I made this.

There's a lot of white space, but maybe that can be personalized from soldier to soldier.  Rank insignia, nicknames, slogans, whatever.

I also thought the logo would probably be used as a tattoo among the fighters.

(I really like that Rambo-pig.  If you do, too, you should check out artist leshaussebons' DeviantArt page!)

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