Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rufus the Bobcat vs. Brutus Buckeye

It's one of the biggest weeks of the year for college football fans.  With my Georgia State Panthers on a bye week, and the Iron Bowl looking like it could be a bloodbath, I guess my greatest interest today may lie in the huge Michigan-Ohio State matchup that kicks off in just a few minutes.

This seems like a great time to revisit one of my favorite unscripted moments in mascot history...that time that Ohio University's Rufus the Bobcat went crazy and attacked OSU's Brutus Buckeye...

And...another angle...

Actually, "favorite" might be overstating the way I feel about this incident.  I suppose it's kind of like the recent American presidential election...somewhat entertaining to watch it unfold, but please (oh please), don't let it become the norm.

The story behind the assault on Brutus might be even more entertaining than the event itself.  Rufus (or his alter ego, at least) apparently had it out for The Nut-Headed One for a while.

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