Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dogwood City Regrets: Apes! (Part I)

So, after spending 26 days in Dogwood City, I ended up with a few regrets over themes that I wanted to include, but didn't for one reason or another.  After all, a respectable superhero setting should have some sort of standards, right?  And yet I went the entire month without featuring...for example...a single freaking ape?

I'll aim to correct some of these oversights.  To start, here's a Dr. Mortal tale from Weird Comics #5 that features a candidate for a simian denizen of Dogwood City.  (And yeah, as far as I can tell, that last page really is the end of the story...even if it doesn't quite feel like an ending.  All the more reason for the ape to show up again...!)


  1. I was sort of surprised by the lack of public domain ape characters, but then I thought about the fact that most of the pd stuff is golden age and apes were definitely a silver age staple.

    1. Haha! Good point. I've been somewhat distraught by the lack of comic book canines in the public domain.