Friday, May 20, 2016

Dogwood City Regrets: Apes! (Part 2)

In the first edition of Dogwood City Regrets, I lamented the dearth of apes that I managed to put into my month-long journey through a comic book setting.

It's really a shame.

It's even more of a shame considering that I discovered one simian character that was almost too amazing to exclude.  This is the Six-Gun Gorilla:

And he's pretty much exactly what you think he is.

Turns out he's looking for revenge on the Strawhan Gang, a bunch of Old West bandits who murdered his owner.  As his name implies, he achieves this using a six-gun.  So simple.  So perfect.

6GG, as he lets me call him, ultimately didn't make the cut for Dogwood City due to the fact that I shied away from Western characters that wouldn't have a huge impact on the present.  He also appeared as a feature in the British story paper The Wizard, while I focused on more traditional comic book characters.  However, he's definitely filed away for the day I decide to explore the Weird Western history of Dogwood City.

I suppose I should have been familiar with this ape, as he apparently had a couple of comic book appearances in 2013, including one from BOOM! Studios.  I somehow missed those, or...if I saw them...didn't get the historical significance at the time.  I'd love to know how they are, if any of you have read them.

By all means, check out Six-Gun Gorilla on the PDSH Wiki and especially at the website of geek extraordinaire Jess Nevins, who very kindly scanned and posted the serial.


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    1. Yeah, this guy is pretty amazing. I hope he gets more love. Thanks for stopping by!