Saturday, January 9, 2016

Got Your Six (mm)

I've played a pretty nice variety of games in my time.  This has included some miniatures battle games, but until today, I had never really taken part in a proper miniatures wargame.  That changed when I was invited/allowed to sit in on a session with my wife's coworker (and my new buddy) Brian and his crew.  The battle was based on the scenario "Encounter at Buchenau" as presented by Bob Mackenzie, pitting Soviet forces vs. Germans using the I Ain't Been Shot Mum ruleset and 6mm minis.

It was awesome.  The experience sits at an interesting position between the somewhat freeform, narrative-oriented RPGs I enjoy, and the tightly rules-focused board and card games I play.  While I don't have much to compare it to, the rules seem pretty effective at what they're trying to do.  The "shock" mechanic is a nice way of modeling troop morale, and the card-based activation system (the first such game I've played) may even lend itself well to solo play.

I spent a while trying to absorb the basics of the rules and finally got to join toward the end of the encounter, in command of some T-34s that rolled in to reinforce the Soviet side.

I'm already looking forward to more WWII gaming, more 6mm gaming, and more fun with the IABSM rules.  Of course, as the focus of this blog probably indicates, I'm somewhat partial to monsters in my games, so I'm also wondering how far the rules might need to be twisted to run scenarios something like this:

(If you happen to be wondering, that monster is from the same set of cheap "dinosaurs" as the Rust Monster, as seen in this post that I like so much by Tony DiTerlizzi.  Apparently we weren't too far from seeing this guy as a D&D foe in the Monstrous Manual...but since it never appeared there, I'll be fine using it as a demon set upon the Allies through Hitler's use of the Spear of Destiny.  Stats still to come...?)

Many thanks to Brian, William, Mark, and Mark for letting me in on their session today!  Mark's miniatures and tabletop setup are top-notch and made for an amazing intro to the game!

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