Thursday, September 8, 2016

Anyone know which D&D book(s) include the dice game Grand Hazard?

So, earlier today, I was looking up information on dice games played in the Old West (you know how that goes), and I came upon chuck-a-luck.  Along with Grand Hazard, it's apparently an English variant of sic bo.  I was intrigued by a few sentences at this site:

The Hazard game in the Dungeon and Dragon (sic) manuals is actually a casino game called Grand Hazard.  Modern gambling casinos invented the game to separate tourists from their money.  Serious gamblers won't play it because the payoff odds are ludicrous.

Does anyone happen know where this is mentioned in D&D?  My knowledge of the game and google skills are both coming up quite short...


  1. In the 1e Dungeon Masters Guide there is an appendix that gives rules for games of chance players might engage in. I don't have my DMG with me so I don't know the page numbers.


    1. Outstanding; thank you! I only recently got the 1e DMG (and in PDF...not great for browsing) and wasn't familiar with that appendix. Looks like it's Appendix F, and...well, Hazard isn't there, but a 3d6 slot variant is. Perhaps this is what the author was referencing...? At any rate, that's a great start. Thanks again!