Friday, November 25, 2022

Football in 5E?

As my interest in 5E has grown, I've been really jonesin' to start posting to this blog regularly for the first time in...well, kind of ever, I guess.  I'm trying to avoid that voice I often hear in my head, that returning to the blog requires some important reason to put my voice out into the aether again, and that I'd better have something good to write if I'm not going to just look like an idiot making a play for relevance in a very tiny and specific corner of the internet.


I mean, I honestly think all three of you who still read my posts have realized at this point that my prose ain't exactly poetry, and you're mostly on this blog out of some combination of time to kill + occasionally shared interests (a combination with varying percentages depending on the day).  In other words, I don't think I'll scare anyone off when I don't deliver Shakespeare, so here's where we're going today...

Watching the World Cup today (I know...FIFA, Qatar, etc....I still can't bring myself to just not watch...go USMNT!), I had to wonder about soccer/football and D&D rules.  Surely this would be something that's been thought about many times over.  To what extent has it ever been pulled off?  And if it was played, was it actually fun?

A quick "d&d soccer rules" search turns up some interesting Reddit discussions , and I learned from one of them that the Dungeons & Daddies podcast must have had a couple of episodes where the characters played soccer, and oh my am I going to have to invest time into learning the answer to this?  Why can't I just see a summary of what's been done now, in 2022, when all the knowledge of the world should be at my fingertips?, anyone have any suggestions on where to look for this sort of thing?

RETURN TO BLOGGING BONUS:  Here's the first image that came up when I asked the Dream art generator to give me "Dungeons & Dragons soccer"...


  1. The obvious answer is to run it like combat, perhaps even as some sort of Blood Bowl-like sub-game.

    That feels too heavy-handed to me nowadays, so I think I would probably lean towards something more abstract, that focussed on moments or highlights within the match, rather than trying to model the entire game.

    The mass combat system from the original Legend of the Five Rings rpg could perhaps be a good model for this approach, or the Blood Bowl card game.

    1. Thanks Kelvin! I think you're correct on a number of accounts there. I am tempted to just set up some minis and try running it like combat to see what kind of specific tests come up if a soccer match is left to my brain to play out.

      I also do think that in practice, some sort of highlight-based approach makes the most sense for keeping things interesting. I could even see some sort of flowchart with randomizers and checks to make at various points...not that a flowchart makes it sound all that exciting. I'll check out the games you mentioned...!