Sunday, August 7, 2022

5e alien race: Those who hail from the Planet of the Mimes

 To follow up on my last post, I thought it'd be fun to make a bit of 5e content with a SilverHawks focus.  The obvious choice, in my mind, would be to figure something out about this guy's species:

Pic from the Thundercats Wiki

That, of course, is Copper Kidd, the sole nonhuman among the SilverHawks.  (Well, the main ones, anyway...certainly seems that Hotwing may also be nonhuman...?)

Copper Kidd is from the world known as the Planet of the Mimes.  Straightaway, I have to wonder if those who are actually from the planet want to call it that.  I can't say it's an insult...I mean, nothing wrong with being associated with mimes.  I guess.  But there's something about it that feels like...I dunno, referring to someone of Native American ancestry as an Indian.  It's a broad stroke of incorrectness that just has to venture into offensiveness.

So I'll just give them another name.  Using the random alien species name generator HERE, Copper Kidd shall be known as a...Bril.  Those who hail from the Planet of the Mimes are called Bril.  The Planet of the Mimes is actually known as Brili.  Sounds good.

While I'm basing this all solely on what I remember from watching SilverHawks as a kid, from the modest amount that I've watched the show as an adult, and from the little I'm able to find through quick google I may be missing some details, in other words...there doesn't seem to be a whole lot that's known about the Bril.  Here's one possible approach (using this nice custom race guide from Skullsplitter Dice as a guide):


Pic from the other ThunderCats Wiki

Ability score adjustments: +2 to INT and DEX

Size: Medium; Base speed: 35 ft.

Alien Larynx: Bril have unique speech capabilities. They are unable to speak the common language of the Limbo Galaxy without electronic enhancement, and most inhabitants of the galaxy are unfamiliar with the Bril language. However, Bril are skilled at pantomime (hence their controversial nickname). A Bril can communicate most simple ideas to others without sharing a language. More complicated ideas can be communicated with a successful INT check by both the Bril and the receiving character, with DC determined by the complexity of the message.

Enhanced Senses: Darkvision (60 ft.); Advantage on Perception rolls

Born to Move: Proficient in Acrobatics

Rational Mind: Advantage on saving throws against being charmed

EDIT:  My immediate reaction upon looking at this might be overpowered.  I'm so bad at figuring that out sometimes.


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