Sunday, July 17, 2022

The State of the World

 For all of you who look at the world around us, and then at your favorite works of dystopian fiction, and think, "Wow, that's where we're headed..."

May I remind you that one specific fictional future has not yet been ruled out...?

And that would be pretty effing cool.


  1. SilverHawks has managed to elude me until this very moment. Not sure it even made to this side of The Pond ;)

    1. Oh man...then you're in for a treat if you check it out!'s actually hard for me to say how well it's held up without the filter of my own nostalgia. I mean, it's definitely better than a lot of cartoons of the era...but it's still a cartoon of the era... ;)

      As with many properties of the '80s, I had a phase where SilverHawks was my obsession.