Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hmm...well, A is for The Association

How's it going, internet?  It's been a while!

So, there've been a couple of months of big transition for me, as I went from living just outside the perimeter of Atlanta, GA, to a little old rural farmhouse nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina.  My wife Laura got what is essentially a dream job working at a newly opened Behavioral Rehabilitation Center for the ASPCA, and I have happily tagged along to see what adventures await.  Thus far, that's meant I've spent a lot of time following groundhogs back to their den entrances, hanging out with all the four-legged kids that we moved here from Georgia, and pondering/worrying about what the heck I'm gonna do with my life.  All of which somehow take a lot more time than you'd think...somehow...and blogging has fallen to the side in that setup.

But...April is here, and it's time to A to Z!  I just couldn't let the month pass without taking part in the blitz blogging event that has been so much fun for me the past two years.  So this month, I planned to explore, in alphabetical fashion, random thoughts related to the game and setting of Light City, the little superhero RPG project that I started working on last year, based on the excellent game Swords & Wizardry Light.  Unfortunately, not only did I miss the window to be an official A to Z participant, but I've failed to even get the first post up anywhere close to on time.

But...that's not gonna hold me back!  Just consider this my own little half-assed, guerrilla A to Z effort.  With a little luck, maybe I'll get through M by the end of the month!

If you want a quick introduction to Light City...and there are plans in the works to get a more ideal/complete intro to the setting available for might want to check out the short RPG supplement The Assembly (which has quick rules for making characters in the style of a certain Marvel Comics superteam) or look at +Justin Isaac's excellent master list of Light City content.  (And let me note, by the way, that while I've been slack as heck, Justin has not only been absolutely killin' it with Light City material, he's also unleashed a brand new Old West game, a clever SWL mod called Six-Shooters & WagonsCheck it out!)


Also, wow, that was a wordy intro.  And maybe too many hyperlinks.  Oh well.  Time to start the A to Zing.  A is for...

The Association

The Association is widely regarded as the premier super-team in the prime continuity (Earth-Alpha) of the Light City Multiverse.  Originally formed as an ad hoc effort to fend off the global domination scheme of the intergalactic echinoderm known as the Space Urchin, the heroes decided to continue working together whenever their combined skills were needed.

The Association's lineup has varied considerably over the years and has included heroes such as the Flame, Samson, the Green Giant, Silver Streak, and the Atomic Thunderbolt.  Additionally, the team has strong ties to some heroes whose membership status is debatable, such as Cub and the Wandering Nephil.  Many incarnations of The Association, however, have included the following heroes as a core:

Wonder Man
Operating out of Empire City, Wonder Man was one of the first costumed heroes to appear in the Light City Universe (which is why individuals with powers are often referred to as wonderheroes).

Black Lion
Hitting the super-scene in Empire City about the same time as Wonder Man, Black Lion works to keep the streets clean with the help of his sidekick Cub.  Black Lion is highly respected as perhaps the greatest mind on Earth-Alpha.

Legendary queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta is often regarded as a role model for the girls of Earth.  However, she strives to be a symbol of courage and power for all of humanity.

Queen Mea
Ruler of a splinter group of Hippolyta's people known as the Sea Amazons, Mea's primary concern is the defense of the world's oceans.  She is also a formidable warrior on The Association's many non-aquatic adventures, although her prowess on dry land has somehow become a running joke among observers of metahumans.

The Arrow
The finest archer on the planet, the Arrow serves as a strong supporter of his teammates and, quite often, as the conscience of the group.


  1. It's great to see you posting again and to learn more about the association. I support you in your guerilla effort my friend.

    1. Thank you sir! Now that the seal is broken, I hope many posts will follow. I'm enjoying your Western musings this month, by the way!

  2. Great to hear from you again - and it sounds like you're having adventures!

    Congratulations on kicking off your A-Z, looking forward to more letters ;-)

    1. Thanks Tim! Going to try my best to keep up this month!