Tuesday, April 10, 2018

C is for The Club

The Club is the premier "teen team" of Earth-Alpha, initially formed by some of the younger companions of members of The Association.  At its founding, The Club consisted of just four heroes:  Nature Boy, Cub, Melanippe (sister of Hippolyta), and Leora (niece of the Sea Amazons' Queen Mea).

Nature Boy

The Club would go through a number of lineup changes over the years, eventually including heroes such as Young Robin Hood (operating out of Forest City) and Rainbow Boy.  The team later became widely known as The New Club, and as young adults, its members would form a related group called The Crew, leaving the Club moniker to a new generation of young superheroes.

(Nature Boy, of course, would slowly become less involved with the team after taking up the mantle of his mentor, Nature Man, upon the hero's death saving the multiverse.  As Nature Man, David Crandall would eventually join The Association.)


  1. It's funny, even though I help with Light City, I love learning more about it's core and haven intentionally been playing in the outskirts.

    Since the Teen Titans are my favorite team, of course this one hits on many levels with me. I also love your team naming scheme. It's so simple, but brilliant at the same time.

    1. The Teen Titans, you say? Never heard of 'em, I'll have to look them up sometime. ;)

      (Now, in a more serious tone...) I'm glad you enjoy seeing some of these random thoughts. Please note that you do more than "help" with Light City...you've really been its torchbearer! (Weak pun not really intended there...) I really want to walk that line between giving character to the setting and giving it so much "character" that it starts to work against what someone wants from a basic supers setting. I like the idea of emphasizing the multiverse, and I think that desire for something-interesting-yet-generically-familiar is why I started this pattern for naming teams.

      In the end, I think I just love comics homages (I think Big Bang Comics are the bee's knees), and this is a fun way to do it!