Saturday, December 9, 2017

Playing in Light City: Ice

It's been a day of "recovery" here in the Atlanta area, as things return to normal after one of our winter storms...y'know, the sort of storm that makes folks north of the Mason-Dixon line roll their eyes at the freakout and shutdown mode we enter when the flakes start falling.

Seems like a good time to stat up a frosty four-color character for Light City!  So, how about one that brings back great memories of my favorite comic book as a kid, the classic Justice League International?  Here's the beautiful Norwegian princess, the former Global Guardian, the ever-wholesome Mary Ann to Fire's Ginger...


From the DC Database...

Level 4 Elemental
First appearance:  Justice League International #12 (1988)
Real name:  Tora Olafsdotter
Formerly known as:  Icemaiden

STR 11     DEX 14     CON 15     INT 12     WIS 10     CHA 17
3+3 HD (14 HP)     Saving Throw 12     Ice slide (48 ft.)
AC 7[12] (ice shield, ineffective vs. fire)

Attack:  Ice Blast, +2 to hit, 1d6 damage, range 60 ft.
Elemental Powers (4x/day):  Construct, Hold.


Check out her story on Wikipedia or at the DC Database.  I think you'll find her quite charming.  So much so that she can maybe be forgiven for her more abhorrent vices...


  1. I love that era of Justice League. She's a fun character.

  2. It's kinda weird that other than Super Friends, which I started watching when I was very young, the JLI era is really the League that I grew up with as a comic reader. I knew them as this sort of ragtag band of sometimes-wisecracking heroes (to the extent that I really didn't understand the significance at the time when Grant Morrison started writing the big guns again in JLA...).