Monday, December 18, 2017

Seasonal Monstrous Monday: the Turkraken!

Statted up in a festive yet generic OSR fashion (with art by JR Mounts)...

Twenty feet tall, with tentacle-like feathers, and hungry for blood and corn...


5 HD, AC 12, Attacks: Beak +5 (1d6 damage, save or get tossed for an additional 1d6 damage) and 3 feathers +3 (1d6-1 damage), Treasure: In its stomach are a golden crabapple and a copy of A Christmas Carol.

(I lifted that pretty directly from the holiday adventure I put out last year, by the way...if you still have some time for seasonal gaming, why not check out In Bleakest Midwinter and see if it suits your style...?)

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