Monday, January 9, 2017

Monstrous Monday: Tuberrible! (Elemental Beast)

There's a good chance I think about Underground Elemental Beastfighting a lot more than I should.  I even took the time recently to make a list of elements I want to use and map out how they should typically interact...

I think I'm getting closer to turning this theme into...a thing of some sort.  Exactly what hasn't materialized yet.

In any case, though, the next step to thinghood is probably making some Elemental Beasts that aren't just Pokémon rehashes.  So, my general plan will be:

1.  Find a public domain image that looks like an Elemental Beast.
2.  Give it a name, hopefully containing some ridiculous play on words.
3.  Stat it up in a way that's simple enough to fit on a card but suitable for use in an RPG.
4.  Repeat.

So here's the first...  Tuberrible...!

Type: Wood Beast
HD 3d4 (7 HP)
Defense 11

Attack:  Bite +3 (1d6 Wood damage and defender must save vs. poison.  If failed, the poisoned character has disadvantage on all d20 rolls until healed.)

Tuberribles will live happily in greenhouses until they feel they are threatened.  They can quickly shift into a mobile, carnivorous form and turn on their caretakers.

(As always, I get these icons from the awesome site, which has tons of amazing bits of art to use in games, completely free of charge!  These "cards" are proportioned such that they can be printed out at 2.75"x3.75", with 1/8" then trimmed around the edges to bring them to standard poker size.)


  1. I like your general plan. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of great public domain stuff.

    1. Thanks man! Yeah, so far just the '50s SF/horror/monster comics are looking like they'll generate quite a few beasts for me...and that's just a tiny slice of what's out there...!