Monday, January 16, 2017

Monstrous Monday: Basil Wolverton's Brain-Bats of Venus

Basil Wolverton has one of the more distinctive styles among Golden Age (and really any age) comic book artists.  He may be best known for his Mad magazine work, but I found about him just a few years back with the reprinting of his intergalactic epic Spacehawk by Fantagraphics.  As with many of the greats, people seem to love or hate his style.  I tend to love it.

Here's a great monstrous piece from Mister Mystery #7 (1952):


  1. Thanks for the share. These would make great villains for a White Star game.

    1. Agreed! They also seem to me like something that would pop up in an especially weird LotFP adventure.

    2. Stats for this would be a cool Monstrous Monday post for next week. Just saying...


    3. Ha! You're right, and I actually kinda felt like I was weaksaucing this one by not including stats...!