Monday, June 27, 2016

MonsterMascot Monday: The Phillie Phanatic

All's still Monster Monday!  Since last week's entry already broke my streak of underground elemental beasts, I'm going to spend at least one more week letting my one-track mind guide me.

And for this past week, that means...mascots!

Why not stat up the most monstrous of them all...and one of the true icons of costumed mascotdom...

The Phillie Phanatic

Yeah, this could be fun to run into on the gaming table.

Here's his background from the Monster Manualhis website:

And here's how I'll play him...

Monster, Level 8 Mystic (80,000 XP)
AC 14, 8d6+16 (44) HP
STR 11  DEX 14(+1)  CON 16(+2)  INT 15(+1)  WIS 13(+1)  CHA 15(+1)
Size Code 5 (human-sized)

Tongue (+4, d6 damage) / Punch (+4, d4 damage)
By weapon (T-shirt gun, ball grenade, etc.)

As an 8th-level Mystic, the Phillie Phanatic gets his full level bonus to all WIS ability rolls and +4 to saving throws vs. wands and heckling.

Mystic abilities:  Light, Stupor, Invisibility, Dispel Effect

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