Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tackles & Touchdowns

After musing on a d6-skill-based football game back here, I've followed up by exploring the idea a little more...settling on some rules, playing some games with generic players, and figuring out quick-n-dirty conversions of Madden 16 player ratings to skill values (making the occasional adjustment as I see fit).  I'm getting closer to having a full version of this ready...

The basics of the rules:

The average value of a game skill for a starter in the NFL is 4 on offense and 3 on defense.

The field is divided into four spaces, plus end zones.  For the purposes of the rules, I'll number the spaces like so...

After a kickoff, the offense starts in space 1.

Outcomes are then determined by identifying crucial skill matchups in a drive.  For solo play, flip a play card to determine which offensive and defensive skills to compare (e.g. running back's Agility vs. linebacker's Tackling).  (I'm still figuring out the best way to handle this for head-to-head play.)  Both players roll against their indicated skills, with success on a roll ≤ the skill's value.

IF the offense succeeds, and the defense fails…move one space with the chance to move more (the matchup to continue is indicated on the card...this is how big plays are made).

IF both succeed or both fail…one space if offensive roll > defensive roll, none if not.

IF the offense fails, and the defense succeeds…it's fourth down.
Two consecutive plays of no movement lead to fourth down no matter what.

The offensive coach can then choose to go for it, punt, or try for a field goal.  If successful on fourth down (moving at least one space), continue as normal; if unsuccessful, the ball changes hands at the current space.

A punt moves ball two spaces (or one space if in space 3).
Field goals are made on 5 of 6 if in space 4, 3 of 6 if in space 3.

There are six drives per quarter.  (I count up on a d6.)

Onside kicks have 1 in 6 chance of success if there are two or fewer possessions left to play; teams may attempt one onside kick per game with more than two possessions left at a success rate of 3 in 6 (by announcing a “surprise onside kick”)

And here's Cam Newton's updated player card:

Gonna update here when I hit the next stage of "developing" this...

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