Wednesday, May 3, 2023

It's Cobra Trooper Week! Here's Blast Beat...

I guess it's a little lame to "start" Cobra Trooper Week on a Wednesday evening...but better late than never...?

Anyway, this guy's from the G.I. Joe Retro Collection Cobra Officer & Cobra Trooper 2-Pack.  I am pleased with the purchase, but I'm not the most discerning action figure fan.  If you're interested, I'd say check out some of the reviews out there, like THIS excellent one from the forums.

Blast Beat

Cobra Trooper 

Bjørn Thorsen
Code Name:  Blast Beat
Primary Military Specialty:  Infantry
Secondary Military Specialties:  Sabotage, Heavy Weapons
Birthplace:  Strømmen, Norway
Class:  Soldier 2
Background:  Musician
STR        DEX        CON       INT         WIS        CHA
12(+1)    18(+4)     10(--)     14(+2)     7(-2)     15(+2)
HP 11 (2d10)    Move 30 ft. (6 units)
Attack Bonuses (with proficiency)  +3 melee, +6 ranged
Skills:  Performance, Intimidation, Demolitions, History
Tools:  Drums, Bass Guitar, Land Vehicles
Languages: Norwegian, English
Saves:  Strength, Dexterity
Weapons:  Simple weapons, handguns, two-handed small arms, heavy weapons (expertise), super heavy weapons
Armor:  All armor, shields

Always on Tour:  Can usually secure food and lodging in exchange for performing.  Sometimes recognized by fans who are willing to provide more assistance in his efforts.

Infantry Training:  Treats effects of exhaustion as if they were one level lower.

Specialty:  Heavy Weapons

Blast Beat spent his youth taking every opportunity he could to travel into Oslo to check out the music scene, being especially attracted to the most extreme metal acts he could find.  In high school, he began drumming with friends in the band Nuclear Funeral.  They were a death metal band.  Or maybe a black metal band.  They weren't really into labels.  Or Satan.  But they did love loud sounds, explosive rhythms, and controlled chaos.

While Nuclear Funeral never achieved much fame outside of the local metal scene, Blast Beat's skill behind the drumkit was unmatched by most other musicians.  One night after a show, he was approached by a Cobra recruiter who felt that there had to be a use for the exceptional dexterity, hand speed, rhythm, and muscle memory demonstrated by Blast Beat.  With the promise of a steady income and the chance to blow a lot of shit up, he was soon on the Cobra payroll.

Blast Beat still likes to drum (and play bass!) whenever he gets the chance and occasionally considers returning to the life of a musician.  His dream is to one day share a stage with Cold Slither, the Misfits, and the Misfits.


(I used the Metal Band Name Generator found HERE, btw, to decide on "Nuclear Funeral"...)


  1. You can't go giving the generic Cobra Blues individual personalities! It's a slippery slope, and who knows where we'll end up! ;)

  2. I bet he is friends with the Rap Viper.

    1. Good call! How have I not even thought about the Rap Viper in working with the Musician background? He may have to make an appearance.

      Love that song, btw...clearly by someone who truly loves the IP...!

    2. Wordburglar is a true fan. This is one of my all-time favorite albums.

    3. Appreciate the link! You definitely sold me on Wordburglar quite a while back on your blog. Once I heard "my parents met at the Terror-Drome" I knew I was in for something good. :)

    4. Chuckles (The Last Laugh) is my favorite track.