Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Undead Infestation

Going into today's Dungeonstack entry, I knew I wanted to make something undead...something that would give some importance to The Good Doctor's Crypt, and the ability to turn undead, and having Undead as a preferred enemy of a Scout.

And then at some point, I thought, "Why not just turn a bunch of monsters into the undead?"  So I made this:

I hope to roll out at least one more legitimate undead enemy before the month is out.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'd love it if you'd join me tomorrow, when another of April's relatives will be revealed...!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z (double!): Tavern Bouncer and Tome of Adventure

As the A to Z blogging challenge enters its final week, I've realized that I'm going to need to double-dip once or twice in order to hit on all of the items I want to cover.  Today is one of those days, with a classic Two-for-...Monday.

First up is a Monster card...

It probably won't surprise many people who happen upon this blog to hear that this is a nod to the OSR watering hole known as Tenkar's Tavern.  As I've noted, my intention with "tribute cards" this month was to focus on some other bloggers taking part in the A to Z challenge, but I had a hard time not giving some sort of tip of the hat to the locale that serves as the hub of the online gaming community for a lot of OSR types.  And once I pieced that picture together from a couple of public domain images...well, I kinda liked it, so we got the Bouncer!  If you're one of the few people who somehow finds themselves reading my blog without knowing anything about the Tavern, you should go check it out!  It's a very friendly place (as long as you don't screw people over on a Kickstarter).

Oh, so why is this tavern bouncer wandering a dungeon and fighting the Heroes that come through?  Eh, not sure...but it's probably better not to worry about that until his war hammer is no longer a threat.

On we go!  Card #2 today is another Item to find in the Dungeonstack, and a little salute to another A-to-Z'er...

While almost certainly a more subtle shout-out than some I've managed this month, I hope that won't make you any less inclined to check out the good stuff that Stuart and the team have to offer over at Lloyd of Gamebooks, a great blog covering anything and everything having to do with participatory fiction and related endeavors.  It's pretty awesome to see how much passion people have for that art form!

Thanks for reading, and please come back tomorrow as I try to give The Good Doctor's Crypt a worthy denizen...!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z (extra): 23rd Legionnaire

This month has gone by way too fast!

Hmm.  Well, I've included a bugbear, but I haven't yet put a regular old goblin into the Dungeonstack, so it's time to correct that...

I guess this isn't a regular old goblin, as he's a legionnaire.  I thought it was one of the coolest things ever when WotC printed Goblin Legionnaire, their first Goblin Soldier for MtG, back in the Apocalypse expansion...

...and since, on these A to Z "off days," I've struggled a little coming up with names incorporating the date rather than a letter...well, it all just came together for this little guy.

Join me tomorrow for more fun with placing a monster's image on top of a background it clearly doesn't fit...!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A happy Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day to one and all!

(And also a happy Earth Day, and a shout-out to all of you Science Marchers out there!)

As you may know, today is Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, hosted at the excellent Gamers & Grognards.  While I don't have an awesome new product to release or discount to offer, I do want to join in the festivities...and so I'm presenting what's been jangling around in my head quite a bit lately: alternate classes suitable for Swords & Wizardry Light, simplified even more than the standard classes in some ways, that I've been working out to feature in the card game I'm working on (Dungeonstack).

I present them here to do my own little part in celebrating today, to show a little bit of the logic I'm trying to build the Dungeonstack upon, and to maybe even help out one or two people out there who want to shake things up a little in their game.

Click the link below for the doc in Google Drive, and if you do so, please enjoy!

Alternate Classes for Swords & Wizardry Light

(And yes, I might figure out a good way to work in a backstab ability someday...)

Dungeonstack A to Z: Spells

This is really just a bit of a "bookkeeping" card, but as I'd like for everything in the Dungeonstack to be playable from the cards themselves (once the basic rules are known), I thought it was important to include.  Here's reminder text for the spells known by the Heroic Mage presented earlier, the 9 Realms' Guardian (worded with the card game in mind):

I may look to spice up the presentation at some point, but at the moment I think it's pretty functional, looks decent when trimmed...

...and matches up nicely with its associated hero.

I hope to present another magic-wielding Hero before the month is over, so I'll be sure to make a spell card for her or him, too.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Ruinous Pact

As I've mentioned before, I think the Event cards in the Dungeonstack are going to be one of the more difficult card types both to design and to make worthwhile to anyone who wants to use the cards for a purpose other than just playing the game outright...which is a minor design goal for me, to make the cards useful as OSR gaming tools by themselves.  I think that one of the ways of approaching this may be to think of effects that fit simply onto a single card and hold a bit of flavor that might put some ideas into a GM's head.  Maybe something like this...


I mean, the idea will probably work nicely in the card game.  And maybe...maybe...things like this can make a referee think a bit about what sort of magic-user would enchant a room like this...and why...

Definitely gonna have to put some thought into this.

Also, a tip of the hat with this card (however subtle it may have ended up being) to Paul over at The Iron Pact!  Paul keeps up a top-notch blog focused solely on stuff for the Swedish dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum.  I wasn't familiar with either the blog or the RPG before this year's A to Z challenge, but I'm glad it brought them to my attention, because they both seem pretty outstanding!  Lots of fantastically presented grimness to be found...so if that sounds like your type of thing, definitely check them out!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dungeonstack A to Z: Quiet Hall(s)

The 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge marches on to the letter Q...and I march on toward regularly posting my contributions on time!

Today is another Room card...much like the Interior Walkway, it's fairly straightforward and comes in a couple of varieties...

Something to note here: I really need to figure out which words I'm going to capitalize in card text.  I like capitalizing "Heroes," as it's a specific thing (and a card type) that has meaning in the game...but really, so is "room," and if I'm not careful I'm just going to end up capitalizing everything.  Gotta think on it...