Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Monstrous Mini-Review: Interstellar

The deal:  This is another one where I am very late to the game on a movie that falls right in my wheelhouse.  I've seen this one enough on "best of" lists (and been told pretty directly that I need to see it) that I took a free choice of the family movie to watch it (on Prime).

2014, 2 h 49 min
Director: Christopher Nolan


The flick:  I probably don't have to say too much about Interstellar, the 2014 science fiction film from Chris Nolan that made use of some of the brain-bending characteristics of time revealed to us by relativity.  You, reading this post...I bet you've seen it.  And if you haven't, I bet you've seen the hype.'s worth the hype.  Interstellar really feels like it fits in the pantheon of great science fiction "pondering-our-place-in-the-universe" screen epics.  You can pick your favorite to compare it to (Metropolis2001The Matrix, whatever)...I think it'll hold up pretty well.

I will note...Matthew McConaughey is very much Matthew McConaughey, and however that statement makes you feel will probably tell you a lot about how you'll like him in this movie.  I think he did a really good job even if I did repeatedly hear "Alright alright alright" in my head.

But acting aside (and it's all good anyway)...if you like somewhat cerebral SF, it's probably a waste of your time to read anything else by me right now.  This is a fairly long film, so I recommend you use that time to watch it, if you haven't already...

The rating:  I should note that it's very possible that rating Interstellar too highly today will force me to rethink the assessment if I rewatch it at some point.  This has happened to me with The Dark Knight (another Nolan film).  At one point, I probably would have said TDK was like a top-five ever movie to me, but rewatching it has made me realize that I don't find it as rewatchable or consistently emotionally/intellectually moving as I guess I want my "favorites" to be.

At the same time, I had really high hopes for Interstellar because of how much I saw it built up, and it still delivered a great movie experience.  I mean, man is it good:

4.5 out of 5 shrews

The monsters:  Huh...I guess there weren't really monsters in this one.  Well, other than the humans are the real monsters angle, which honestly applies less to this movie than to most, and which is a path for this post that would probably give stuff away that I don't want to (just in case someone reading hasn't actually seen the film).

There is, however...and I'll try to word this unspoilerly...a group/being/force that is vital to the plot of the movie and is pretty cool to think about using in an RPG adventure.  Hmm...maybe one day...

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